The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on New Jersey. In Congress, I'm fighting for aid for our state, hospitals, long-term care facilities, first responders, workers, and small businesses.

Jobs and Economy

In order to create more good-paying jobs and maintain the quality of life we have worked so hard for, we need to do more to help New Jerseyans thrive.


Every American should have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Tax Relief

We need tax relief that invests in growth, simplifies our tax code, ensures work is valued the same as wealth, maintains our revenues, restores the SALT deduction, and protects our middle class.

Women’s Rights

A woman’s health decisions should be between her and her doctor. The federal government should have no say on when, how, or with whom women decide to start or grow a family.


Access to quality education and supporting educators need to be top priorities.

Tackling Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is a serious public health crisis facing New Jersey. We need to remove the stigma of addiction and mental health disorders, and put the necessary resources into helping our friends and neighbors.

National Security

As a former Navy pilot and federal prosecutor, I spent my career fighting to keep our country safe. In Congress, national security is a key focus.

Preventing Gun Violence

We need to pass common sense gun safety legislation.

Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are promises to the American people. I will never support a budget that makes massive cuts to these earned benefits.


Our service members deserve access to educational opportunities, employment, first-class healthcare and rehabilitation, and should not have to travel hours to reach a VA facility.

People Before Politics

In Congress, I will continue to make sure the people of New Jersey come first.


Climate change is real and addressing it shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s an economic and national security issue that affects all of us.

Supporting Workers

Unions helped build our middle class and I stand with workers fighting for fair wages, better healthcare, and safe working conditions.

Criminal Justice Reform

My time in the U.S. Attorney’s Office showed me just how much work we have to do to make sure our justice system works for all Americans.