As a former Navy pilot and federal prosecutor, I’m honored to sit on the House Armed Services Committee. I’ve spent my adult life fighting to keep our country safe and I am proud of the role that our community plays in our national defense. That’s why I passed legislation, which was signed into law, to provide accreditation to Picatinny Arsenal’s graduate school and ensure Picatinny has the resources necessary to continue its cutting-edge research and innovation - innovation that keeps our service members safe in the field. I’ll always fight for Picatinny Arsenal and the 5,000 critical jobs it supports right here in the 11th District.

As a Russian policy officer in the U.S. Navy, I worked to implement our nuclear treaty obligations and to plan and execute joint naval exercises with the Russian Federation Navy. I have sat across the table from the Russians, and know that we need our government to take the threat they pose seriously. Both Russia and China have continued to build their military might and promote their influence across the globe. Neither country shares our values and often they are undermining our interests across the world. We must ensure we modernize our military to meet this threat and provide critical funding for cybersecurity and election protection.

I also know first-hand that one of the most important tools in our national security toolbox is diplomacy. I support a fully-staffed State Department to carry out the hard, necessary work of diplomacy. The cuts to the State Department have led to decreased U.S. influence across the world, less support from our allies, and a lack of the necessary strategic peace planning that we need to bring conflicts to an end. We must reassert U.S. influence to promote democracy and human rights while continuing to work with our allies to contain the threats posed by North Korea, Iran, and non-state terrorist groups.