As a former prosecutor, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact illegal guns are having in our communities. We need to do much more to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of violent criminals, domestic abusers, and terrorists. We can do this while protecting the Second Amendment and the rights of responsible gun owners.

I support universal criminal background checks to cover all firearm sales. We need to stop criminals and dangerously mentally ill people from buying firearms at gun shows, over the internet, or through classified ads.

While New Jersey has led the way with an assault weapons ban and large capacity magazine limits, it is still possible for a criminal to purchase these deadly weapons across state lines. For this reason, I support a federal assault weapons ban and limits on large capacity magazines. Weapons of war designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible do not belong on our streets. And Congress also needs to ban bump-stocks, which allow individuals to convert firearms into fully automatic weapons.

Finally, I support two common-sense measures to make our communities safer: suspected terrorists on the No-Fly list should not be allowed to purchase a firearm, and domestic abusers with temporary restraining orders filed against them must not be able to purchase a gun. In Congress, I will work to save lives and help find responsible solutions America’s gun violence crisis.