My grandfather, Bill Donovan, worked at GM and was a proud member of UAW Local 233 in Cincinnati. He had good medical benefits, a pension, and with hard work, he was able to provide for his family. Because of that union job, my mom went to college and helped to support me, and I was able to fulfill my dreams and become a Navy helicopter pilot.

Unions helped build our middle class — and helped my family enter the middle class — and I stand with workers fighting for fair wages, better healthcare, and safe working conditions. I will always champion the right to organize to make sure our workers are treated fairly.

I was proud to support legislation in this Congress to increase the minimum wage to $15 as well as the Butch Lewis Act to protect worker pensions. I also strongly support the NLRB and at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, sent a letter to House leadership requesting that any future legislation responding to COVID-19 include funding and a directive to develop a system and procedures to conduct union representation elections electronically. The House also passed, with my strong support, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which would significantly increase workers’ bargaining power.

I am committed to boosting job growth in our state through increased funding for educational programs, including vocational and technical training our unions provide, so we can better support the next generation of workers.