Here in New Jersey, I think we can all agree we pay a lot in taxes. But the real question is: what are we getting in return? Right now, we’re getting a raw deal. New Jersey sends $3,478 more per person to Washington in tax dollars than we get back in federal spending. And instead of investing in our most important needs, Congressman Frelinghuysen and President Trump are promising to raise our taxes by eliminating the state and local deductions on personal income taxes and capping property taxes at $10,000.

At its core, Congressman Frelinghuysen and the Republican leadership’s tax plan is a giveaway to the wealthiest Americans – paid for by New Jersey’s middle-class families. More than half of our district uses the state and local tax deduction.

There is no doubt that our tax code needs to be reformed, but we need to make sure those reforms help those who need it most: middle class families and small businesses. Our tax code was built for a time when we earned almost all our income through wages, businesses filed taxes as corporations, and we didn’t face global competition. Times have changed, and so has our economy. We need to fight for tax reform that meets today’s needs without breaking the backs of New Jersey families.

We can do that by focusing on reforms that invest in growth, simplify our tax code, ensure work is valued the same as wealth, maintain our revenues and protect our middle class.

Even as we reform our tax code, we also need members of Congress who will be good stewards of our money and fight to fund our fundamental needs like transportation infrastructure, schools, public safety, and clean water. We all know government can’t do everything, but we can agree that New Jersey and the 11th District deserve basic services and a fair return on our federal investments.