Here in New Jersey, I think we can all agree that our communities do not get their fair share back from Washington. New Jersey taxpayers only see 82 cents for every $1 we send to Washington, meaning our residents get back less money for our federal tax dollars than almost any other state in the nation.

Instead of passing tax relief to help grow our economy and ease the tax burden on New Jersey’s middle-class families, Washington raised our taxes in 2017.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country, and our residents depend on the ability to deduct our state and local taxes (SALT) from their federal tax burden. Here in our district, the average state and local tax deduction is more than $20,000 dollars – twice the cap that was placed on the deduction with the GOP 2017 tax bill.

I’ve been focused on restoring the state and local tax deduction in my first term, sponsoring two bills with Republicans and Democrats to help get New Jerseyans relief. I led the bipartisan Restoring Tax Fairness for States and Localities Act that passed in the House to lift the SALT cap as well as double the out of pocket deduction for educators, which will help 17,000 teachers in the 11th District alone. As COVID-19 presents even more hardship for our families in North Jersey, I worked to get the House to pass a second bill that would lift the SALT cap for two years.

Our tax system should treat people in New Jersey fairly. I am committed to real tax relief that invests in growth, simplifies our tax code, maintains our revenues and protects our middle class. And most importantly, a tax bill that restores our full state and local tax deductions.

I will continue to work to find a truly bipartisan tax plan that strengthens our middle class and ensures New Jersey and the 11th district get a fair return on our federal tax dollars.